How to Prevent and Treat Teething Rashes


When your child is between the age of 6 months and 24 months, they will start teething. This means that their teeth will begin to break through their gums, which often leads to irritability, as well as tender and swollen gums; this may cause them to chew on their fingers or other objects to reduce the pain. Aside from the normal uncomfortable feelings, there’s another factor to consider: teething rashes. Since babies produce more saliva when they’re teething, a rash may form on their face, neck, and chest. This is due to the digestive enzymes found in their saliva. (Related topics: best pediatric dentist in Midland Park, best pediatric dentist in Westwood)




The teething rash will appear as bright red, texture splotches and bumps, and may have a foul smell. As a parent, you don’t want your child to experience any more pain than they need to, which is why you should try to prevent this from occurring, This article explains how to prevent teething rashes, and what to do if your child experiences it.



The best way to prevent this from occurring is by keeping your child’s skin as dry as possible. An effective way of doing this is by having them wear a bib, or by wiping the food or drool from their mouth constantly. Make sure to use a clean cloth when you do so, as you don’t want to aggravate their skin. You may also want to consider restricting their pacifier use because they tend to cause more saliva to form.



Even if you are constantly wiping their mouth and monitoring their pacifier use, it’s possible that they still get a teething rash. Don’t blame yourself, as this is completely normal and can be treated. To treat this rash, you should continue to do the same things you were doing to prevent it. Furthermore, you can purchase healing ointment; this is effective because it will create a barrier between your child’s skin and their drool.


For advice on what type of healing ointment you should purchase, you should ask your Bergen County NJ pediatric dental specialist. The Bergen County NJ pediatric dental specialist will also monitor your child’s teeth and offer advice on how to keep them clean.

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