Interview with Dr. Brittany Bergeron about Lime-Lite Enhanced


Pulpdent interviewed practicing dentist and Immediate Past President of the American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD), Dr. Brittany Bergeron, about her experience using Lime-Lite Enhanced. 

Could you tell us about your practice and the community you serve?
I am a solo practitioner in a busy general dentistry practice. Our office is in a rapidly growing area close to many businesses, schools, universities and hospitals. We treat patients of all ages ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics. We see a number of international patients with gross decay due to limited access to oral healthcare who require extensive treatment.

How long have you been using Lime-Lime Enhanced?
I have been using Lime-Lite Enhanced, and before that Lime-Lite, for almost 7 years, starting when I was an associate. I quickly realized that the product is superior to others on the market in terms of decreasing patient sensitivity, adhering to the tooth surface, and decreasing the likelihood of root canal therapy. Now I use Lime-Lite Enhanced in my own practice as a base layer in deep preparations under fillings or core build-ups.

What were you using prior to Lime-Lite Enhanced?
Prior to Lime-Lite Enhanced I tried both Vitrebond and Ionaseal. I switched from these because the delivery method of Lime-Lite Enhanced is simpler and the adhesion to dentin is better. I had issues with the other liners not adhering and coming out while rinsing the tooth, but I no longer have that problem with Lime-Lite Enhanced.

How has your experience been with the product?
I have had really great results with this product. I saw a noticeable decrease in patient sensitivity following deep restorative procedures. This caused less frequent post-operative visits due to discomfort and fewer root canals needed after deep cavity preparation procedures.

Is there anything clinicians should know in regard to clinical technique and/or best practices for using Lime-Lite Enhanced?
In my opinion, the best part about this product is it’s not very technique sensitive! The syringe removes the chance of improper mixing that might occur with Vitrebond or similar products. I will sometimes use a different gauge tip to help to control the rate at which the material is dispensed for more accurate placement, but that is very case specific.

What would you say to a fellow clinician who is interested in trying Lime-Lite Enhanced?
Do it! You won’t be disappointed with the results. The adhesion is so much better than competing products and the decreased patient sensitivity results in fewer follow-ups, saving time and money in the practice, and making both the patient and the dentist happy.

Do you talk to your patients about Lime-Lite Enhanced?
Patients like to be informed when it comes to their health, and their dental work should be no different. At the end of the appointment I will review the procedure, any complications, etc. and then review the materials that were used. I describe Lime-Lite Enhanced as a protective layer between the tooth and the filling intended to decrease sensitivity. Patients love to hear that you took an extra step to make sure they are comfortable after treatment.


About Dr. Brittany Bergeron
Dr. Bergeron received her BA in Chemistry from the College of the Holy Cross and went on to complete her DDS degree at the University of Maryland, School of Dentistry. Dr. Bergeron owns a general dentistry practice outside of Baltimore, Maryland where she enjoys being a solo practitioner. Dr. Bergeron is actively involved with the American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD), currently serving as the Immediate Past President and the Director of Corporate Relations.

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