The Smile Design Process


We often talk about the way that the smile design process goes,  with our points of view and with our opinions. The opinions of those that are part of the team here are Atlanta Center For Cosmetic Dentistry.  Now you will have the change to get the opinion of a patient who has gone through the smile design process recently.

Meet Liz

Liz was born and raised just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. She went to Auburn University and she is a War Eagle to this day. Liz has done modeling and acting since she was about 16 and has been doing broadcasting for really large scale national political events for the last ten years or so. Because of her work, a smile is something that is important to her. 

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Choosing Atlanta Center For Cosmetic Dentistry

Liz admits to being specific and picky. A lot went into choosing our office.  She shared that she followed us on Instagram, as well as a dozen cosmetic dentists for two years or more. Liz would tune into our Instagram daily to see what our posts were. She shared that we  posted something that spoke to how conservative Dr. Cooper is with the natural teeth For someone that didn’t hate her smile but I didn’t love it, she wasn’t ready to have her teeth completely filed down. This one point was what actually prevented her from getting cosmetic dentistry for five years.

What Liz found so special and different about our office, was how conservative we were with the natural teeth. Once she came in for her first appointment, she found that she also loved the lavender neck pillows and the chair masseuse because they really  supported her with her anxiety around the smile design process.  

Dr. Cooper’s Reflection

Dr. Cooper shared that Liz’s smile was not that bad. It was a smile that had brought Liz through modeling and pageants but it just wasn’t something that she loved. Dr. Cooper helped Liz identify the things that she liked and the things that she didn’t like. Most of it was very subtle. Very minimal, no preparation of the tooth structure, just adding some size and some new dimension to Liz’s existing teeth and changing some of the gum contours. 

More importantly, we were able to work with Liz around her budget  and bring her through a smile design process that did not involve all of her teeth in that moment. And, she always has the option of coming back in for more work. Liz was thrilled with the results and the fact that she couldn’t tell that only a few teeth had gone through the process.

 We believe in the concept that less is better than more. If we can accomplish with the patent wants with fewer teeth, we always want to try to use the natural to structure around because that just makes it look real also.

Liz’s Reflection

Being in front of so many people, with a network that is growing, Liz needed to have the confidence to be seen. She shared that she used to have to stand at a certain angle in  front of the camera because she was self-conscious about part of her smile. Liz now has what she calls “a million dollar smile”  and adds “I think it adds so much value to everything that I’m doing (in the public eye) so as far as confidence goes, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.” 

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Still feel like your on the fence?

Liz’s suggestion  is to come in and get a consultation, take advantage of technology that is   available to do an image of what the future is for you with a smile design process without having to actually have anything done. Then you will know what you can expect with your results.  

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