What Factors and Aspects Determine the Cost of Tooth Implants?


If you have missing teeth, you may be considering dental implants as a tooth replacement option. This is one of the best options for missing teeth for many reasons. Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss that also replace your lost roots. They look and function just as your natural teeth do. This is just one of the many considerations that make dental implants the best solution for missing teeth. Whether you’re replacing missing teeth for the first time or have had dentures or a dental bridge in the past, we think you will agree that dental implants are the best choice.

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As much as you might want them, however, you might wonder whether it’s possible to obtain affordable dental implants in Houston Texas. At Omega Dental Specialists, we appreciate that you might have this concern. The first thing we would like you to understand are the factors that determine the cost of dental implants.  Several things go into determining dental implants cost in USA in general and the cost of dental implants in Texas specifically. We outline the most important factors below.

How Many Dental Implants You Require

It’s only natural for you to want cheap dental implants in Texas. At the same time, you want and need for them to be of the highest quality. We provide both quality and cost savings at Omega Dental Specialists. One of the biggest factors in determining your final cost is the number of dental implants that you need. A patient who only needs single tooth implants Houston Texas would pay substantially less than another patient needing all teeth replaced. We will provide you with a dental implant cost per tooth at your initial consultation.

To answer the question of what is the average cost of a dental implant, it ranged from $1,800 to $5,000 in 2018. These figures are only for the Houston area since treatment costs can vary considerably by region. If you have multiple missing teeth, you should multiply the figure we provide you per implant by the number of missing teeth that you have. We also encourage you to check Delta Dental implant coverage Texas if you carry insurance with them. Our office also accepts several other forms of dental insurance. Insurance coverage for dental implants depends on several factors, including:

  • Your reason for needing dental implants
  • Whether you have tried other options for missing teeth
  • The provisions of your plan such as whether you need to pay a deductible or co-insurance

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Whether You Need Bone Grafting

Sometimes patients don’t have strong enough bone strength in the area of the jaw with missing teeth. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry if this happens in your situation. The oral surgeon you work with at Omega Dental Specialists will let you know if you need a bone graft and explain the procedure in greater detail at your consultation. Typically, a bone graft involves removing a small portion of bone from one area of your mouth or jaw and transferring it to the dental implant area. The roof of the mouth or a part of the jaw with greater bone strength are both common donor areas.

The cost of bone grafting adds to the overall cost of receiving dental implants. In Houston, the average cost of a dental bone graft ranges from $300 to $800. As with the implants themselves, bone graft costs depend on several factors. The amount of bone your oral surgeon must remove and the complexity of transferring the bone to the dental implant area are just two common factors. It’s also important to factor in the cost of equipment and procedures used for bone grafting, such as CT scans or X-ray equipment. This could increase the cost by as much as $1,000.

Location of Your Missing Teeth

Missing teeth in the front of your mouth that show when you smile require a different dental implant approach than molar teeth you use for chewing. This explains the cost difference that can occur between patients as well as different costs to replace your various missing teeth. Something that we really stress at Omega Dental Specialists is that every patient is an individual with unique oral health needs. That means you and your neighbor could both receive dental implants and pay very different amounts for the procedure.

Additionally, some patients have complex situations that require a high level of expertise to complete. This will naturally add to the overall cost because it takes more time, skill, and use of diagnostic equipment to finish the complex case than it does a straightforward one. Our staff is happy to explain any part of your treatment estimate that you don’t understand.

Number of Tooth Extractions You Need

Perhaps you don’t have any missing teeth yet but know that you need tooth extractions. The number that you need, as well as the number of dental implants to replace them, has a big impact on your overall cost. You will obviously pay the least if you only need one extraction and a single tooth implant. Total tooth replacement or All on 4 implants are going to cost you the most.

All on 4 is a newer way of replacing all of a patient’s teeth with dental implants. It is something to seriously consider as one of your treatment options for missing teeth if you no longer have any of your natural teeth. Before this procedure became available, oral surgeons had to place one dental implant for every missing tooth. With 14 teeth on each arch, placing 28 implants could be time-consuming, uncomfortable, and expensive.

The All on 4 alternative to traditional implants requires your oral surgeon to place only four implants in each jaw for a total of eight dental implants. This can also be an option if you’re missing several consecutive teeth on your top or bottom jaw but not all of them. Your oral surgeon places permanent dentures on top of the four implants once your jaw has healed. If you’re considering this option, we will discuss the procedure and potential All on 4 dental implants problems at your first consultation.

Types of Dental Implants and Materials Used

The kind of dental implants you receive, and the types of materials used to create the implants and crowns, both affect the overall cost. Conventional implants, which coincide with the size of the tooth replacement, are most often used to replace one, two, or several teeth. Your dentist makes the implant larger and then adds more replacement teeth to it as needed. Mini implants, which are slightly smaller than the traditional size, are another possibility and may cost less. Fixed bridgework, sometimes required to support implants, is another example of a variable that can affect cost.

Dental implants are small posts inserted into your jawbone to support the replacement teeth. They may contain titanium, zirconium, stainless steel, or titanium alloy, each of which has a different price point. Biocompatibility is the main consideration when choosing a material for dental implants. That is because the implants must integrate with your existing jawbone for you to achieve dental implant success. The name of this process is osseointegration.

Geographic Location

The amount you pay for dental implants varies considerably depending on the area of the country you live. If you lived in New York City, for example, you could expect to pay more than you would if you lived in a small town in the south. Since you live near Houston, your pressing question is the cost of full mouth dental implants near me.

We are happy to let you know that Omega Dental Specialists offers one of the most competitive deals on dental implants in the Houston area. You are welcome to finance your dental implant treatment cost for just $65 a month, even if it takes you several years to pay the amount due in full. We invite you to research other dental practices in the Houston area to find out their prices and financing options for dental implants. You will be hard-pressed to find a better deal, and we don’t think you will wonder where to get all on 4 dental implants in Houston Texas after that.

Experience of the Dental Team

You also need to consider that you’re paying for experience when you receive dental implants for missing teeth. All dentists complete a bachelor’s degree in a scientific field first, which can take four to five years. After that, they must enroll in dental school for an additional four years. That is eight consecutive years of full-time schooling for general dentists. Oral surgeons and other specialists complete even more training after dental school, which takes a minimum of two years. In between all this is internships, state licensing fees, and continuing education fees.

Our dentists and dental specialists are highly educated and experienced. You might think this would mean we charge higher rates, but that isn’t the case. Our rates are some of the most competitive in the country, not just in Houston, Texas. You are always free to receive treatment estimates from more than one dental practice to compare the costs for yourself.

Where to Get Dental Implants in Houston Texas

You have considered all your treatment options and concluded that dental implants are the best alternative to replace missing teeth. You understand the cost can vary and the factors that go into determining what you pay. If you’re ready to take the next step, we invite you to contact our Houston dental practice to request a free consultation. Our office is open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday and 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday for your convenience.

We encourage you to come prepared for your free initial consultation with a list of questions. Our dentists, as well as our office staff, are happy to answer whatever questions you have about the procedure, scheduling, or financing. One of our dentists will complete a detailed examination of your jaws, gums, and teeth, including the areas of missing teeth. This typically involves one or more X-rays along with a visual inspection. You will know if you’re a good candidate for dental implants by the end of the appointment. We will also let you know if you’re likely to need a bone graft.

Although having strong natural teeth is ideal, dental implants are the next best thing when you’re missing teeth. Please don’t hesitate to contact Omega Dental Specialists when you’re ready to restore your mouth to full functionality and improve the appearance of your smile.

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