Dental Options for Missing Teeth | Walnut Creek


Our smiles are a very important aspect to our personalities. Not only is it the first thing people see when we meet, but it helps us eat and speak. So, when something goes wrong and we lose a tooth, the first thing we do is panic. But worry not – there are solutions to this dental mishap. Here is a quick rundown:

Partial dentures. Partial dentures are used in
patients that are missing more than one tooth. This type of denture is made
with a plastic base or a metal framework that supports the number of teeth that
need replacing. Partial dentures made with metal framework is the traditional
design, due to the strength of the metal, while plastic dentures are typically
used for emergency or as temporary replacements.

Complete dentures. This type of denture is used cases where patients are missing a full set of teeth, either on the top jaw, bottom jaw or both. Complete dentures are made of plastic base that’s colored to replicate your gum tissue and supports a full set of plastic or porcelain teeth. They are held in place by forming a seal with the gums or attaching them to dental implants.

Dental implants. This dental procedure is commonly
used in cases where patients are missing teeth located towards the front of
their mouth. An artificial tooth is anchored to the implant, which is
integrated into the structure of your bone, ensuring the longevity of your
dental implant.

Only a professional will be able to determine the right course of action to take for your individual needs. If you lose a tooth, make a dental appointment as soon as possible.

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