La Crosse Wisconsin | Senior Portrait Photographer | Shealyn’s Senior Pictures

After shooting Shealyn’s older sister Sheridan, I was excited to work with Shealyn. Because she is so n
aturally beautiful, it was easy to get photos of Shealyn in many different landscapes. Shealyn will be attending college this fall, furthering her career as a golfer. I know she will do great, she seems to have passion in all of her current endeavors. Good luck with everything! -Diane
What is the best advice you have been given about preparing for senior year and future and what advice would you give to an incoming senior?
Enjoy senior year while it lasts because it’ll be gone before you know it! Make it count!
What is your Favorite pastime? 
Reading or listening to music is my favorite past time when I get the chance
What lead you to apropos photography and what did you enjoy most about your session? 
Mrs. Knothe did a wonderful job taking my older sisters senior pictures and I fell in love with them! I loved posing and being able to have my own little photo shoot.
Was there anything you were nervous about going into you senior session? Did you feel comfortable during the session?
I was nervous I wouldn’t be photogenic at all, but Mrs. Knothe knows what she’s doing and made me feel like a model! I had a super fun time with her!!

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