What are the most comfortable dentures


Dentures are something remain with a person for a long time. They are not the same as dental implants which require much more work in terms of surgical procedures. They may have better functionality but it is also essential that these small peripherals of your teeth are comfortable. It also depends on your budget, dental health, and a few other factors that will help you decide which are the most comfortable options. Let us go through some different scenarios to get an answer:

  • Only one or two teeth replacement: If you want to replace only a couple of teeth then an implant bridge is what you need to go for. For when you want to opt for dentures make sure to choose either a flexible or a snap-on fixture. The benefits of the flexible denture are that it sticks to the gum contours and there are no gum bruises. More importantly, they have a prolonged life. However, it is also important to take into account the location of the teeth.
    • Molars: the molars are exposed to heavy chewing and take on more stress and pressure than the other types of teeth. They are located at the back of the jaw and the flexible dentures will be vulnerable at this position. Hence, one should go for a bridge implant in this case.
    • Upper Front or Bottom Teeth: The front teeth are better companions when it comes to looks rather than helping with chewing. They are not exposed to heavy pressure as the molars are, hence it is important to use the partials and enhance the aesthetics of the front teeth. The partials come in various colours and they are also comfortable, so this seems a better option.
    • Less than 2 back Molars: First of all, there is no need to substitute a new denture or implant for the wisdom tooth. You won’t be affected in terms of chewing or aesthetics without it. However, if you have a couple of back molars missing, it is preferable to go for an implant-supported denture or you can also go for a partial denture which is both comfortable and effective.
  • Replacement of teeth in Bulk: An Implant-supported denture or a flexible partial is again helpful when it comes to replacing a large number of teeth.
  • Full Denture: If the task is to replace all the teeth, then the full denture is what you need to go for. However, if you spend more money than implant-supported dentures can also solve the problem and provide full comfort.

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