Use These 7 Tips to Find the Right Orthodontist for You


Getting braces can be an exciting and new experience! With plenty of dental offices in your area, how do you determine where to go?

It is important to feel confident in the services provided by your Edmonton orthodontist. When it comes to your smile you want to be in the hands of someone you can trust. Looking for an orthodontist doesn’t have to be complicated. Use the following seven tips to make an informed decision:

1. Find out their Specialization

Many dentists in Edmonton offer orthodontic care even though their specialty is dentistry.

Wondering what the difference is between an orthodontist and a dentist?

Both are required to complete eight years of post-secondary education and then dental school. However, an orthodontist is required to complete an additional two to three years of residency.

So if you have overcrowding, spacing, an overbite or other orthodontics problems, an Edmonton orthodontist is the best person to see.

2. Ask if a Free Exam is Provided

Consult with an orthodontist before you decide on getting braces. It is important to speak with someone who is knowledgeable and can provide you with a professional opinion.

Also, this allows you the opportunity to meet with an orthodontist and their staff. You can decide from here if you’d like to move forward based on your experience.

3. Consider their Reputation

Research the orthodontist to see what people have to say about them. Do they have past and current clients who recommend their services? Considering others experiences will allow you to gain background knowledge.

You can access their reviews simply by going to online review channels, such as

4. Inquire about their Different Treatment Types

Thanks to technological advances, there is a wide range of orthodontic treatments available. You shouldn’t have to limit yourself because an orthodontist only offers one or two options.

Some of these treatment options include:

• Traditional Braces

• Mascot braces

• Ceramic Braces

• Lingual Braces

• Invisalign

An experienced orthodontist is someone who will identify a plan for all the variables in your mouth.

5. Pay Attention to how you Feel

The truth is, nobody loves going to the orthodontist but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your experience comfortable. Ask yourself the following questions “do I feel comfortable in this office?” and “does the orthodontist and staff make me comfortable?”. Also, consider the appearance of the clinic, does it look clean and organized? Be honest with yourself when you think of your answers. Remember you don’t have to commit to an orthodontist clinic in Edmonton that makes you feel unwelcome.

6. Ensure that they Accept Adult Patients

Braces don’t have to be only for kids! If you’ve decided it’s time to address your orthodontic concerns, you need to find an Orthodontist who is willing to work with you. Some orthodontist clinics in Edmonton only accept younger patients, so ensure the orthodontist doesn’t target a certain age group first.

7. Consider their Payment Options

You deserve to feel confident and happy with your smile. Don’t let the cost of orthodontic treatment stand in the way.

Orthodontic treatment is costly, but you can find an orthodontist who has payment options that are manageable.

It would be a shame to find an orthodontist who you love but isn’t affordable. Ask your orthodontist if they offer dental issuance coverage, low payment monthly installments, and family discounts.

Be Patient

Be patient during your hunt for the perfect orthodontist. There are several factors to consider before you commit to treatment. A good orthodontist will ensure your smile is healthy and that you are happy with your results.