10 Advantages to Ceramic Braces


There are various reasons why one might require braces. Thankfully, over the year’s technology has altered braces for more comfort and convenience. In addition, braces have become discrete and are no longer the eyesores people once described them to be. If you are interested in ceramic braces schedule a consultation with an orthodontist in Edmonton. The following are ten important factors to know If you are considering ceramic braces:

1. Ceramic Braces Offer More Discretion Than Other Types of Braces

Ceramic braces will allow you to straighten your teeth without having to sacrifice your appearance. They are made from small, clear brackets that are virtually invisible in your mouth. Even more so if you use a clear colored arch wire.

2. Ceramic Braces Are Stronger Than You Think

A common misconception surrounding ceramic braces is that they are weaker in comparison to traditional braces. Although metal is a tougher raw material, the design and application of ceramic braces has evolved. Today they offer more durability than ever before.

3. The Colored Arch Wire Can Blend with Your Teeth

Unlike traditional braces, these braces consist of clear and durable ceramic material. However, they do require a metal arch wire to connect the braces along the outside of the teeth. The good news is; you have the option of wearing a colored wire that blends in with your teeth. There are many shades to choose from such as frost, white and silver. This will allow you to achieve straighter teeth without the unsightly look of metal. You will be impressed at how much more discrete the treatment process is with ceramic braces.

4. Ceramic Braces Won’t Demineralize Your Tooth Enamel

Thanks to advanced orthodontic technology, ceramic braces won’t change your tooth enamel. In addition, some newer technologies contain a bonding agent to prevent demineralization and subsequent color change surrounding the brackets.

5. Clear Ceramic Braces Removal is Easy

Once your treatment is finished and it is time for your braces to come off, the removal process is easy. Technological advances have allowed bracket removal to be less difficult than earlier counterparts.

6. Ceramic Braces Won’t Be Noticeable in Pictures

Don’t shy away the next time someone wants to take a selfie. Ceramic braces aren’t noticeable in photos. Yes, that’s right, you can smile comfortably knowing that your braces won’t be the center of attention.

7. Ceramic Braces Work Faster Than Invisalign

Another option people choose when looking for discrete realignment is Invisalign. This device consists of clear removable aligners that gradually shift the teeth. Invisalign trays are intended to be worn for 20 to 22 hours per day, and are removed during meals and brushing or flossing. The problem with this orthodontic device is that many users take the aligners out and forget to put them back in. Also, since they are clear they are easy to lose and replacement can be costly. With ceramic braces, a parallel level of discretion is offered and treatment is faster. This is because the braces remain on your teeth during all hours of the day.

8. Ceramic Braces Are More Comfortable Than Traditional Braces

Ceramic braces are among some of the most comfortable orthodontic treatments. This is because they haves smaller rounded brackets and ceramic material. Allowing you to experience less gum irritation and general discomfort. The fact is, living with ceramic braces is much more tolerable than their metal counterparts.

9. Ceramic Braces Stain Less Easily

Clear braces were first used by orthodontists in the 1980’s. At this time the original ceramic braces consisted of plastic and could stain quite easily. Today, technological advances have made it possible for patients to wear braces without being too concerned with discoloration and stains. With that being said, it is no excuse to slack off on brushing and flossing or make unwise food choices. Ceramic braces can still develop visible stains, especially the plastic ligatures. Be sure to follow the instructions provided by your Edmonton orthodontist.

10. Customize Your Braces with Colored Bands

Colored bands are a great option for children looking to add some flair to their braces. Fun colors can add a pop to their appearance and leave a lasting impression. Choose bands that are your favorite colors or to celebrate during the next holiday!

If you are looking to straighten your teeth and improve your overall appearance visit an orthodontist in Edmonton for a consultation.