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Dental Office Open Saturdays

Many patients who value their oral health and participate in excellent home care still don’t see a dentist as much as they should. The reason? There’s just not enough time. Most dental offices are only open during the week within the hours that many people work. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for children to go for long periods without dental care during school months. If you’re a resident in the Houston area, this isn’t a problem you have to accept. Your search for “dentist office open on Saturday” is a thing of the past. Our dentist office is open on Saturdays offering increased convenience to our patients along with the traditional services we provide throughout the week.

Saturday Dentist Appointments for Convenience or Emergencies

There are many reasons why you might need to see a dentist on Saturday. Sometimes, your workload may be too intense to allow for a day off. When vacation and sick time has been used up, many patients can’t afford to take the day off without pay. Children have a limited number of days they can miss from school as well. Not to mention the fact that dental emergencies only seem to occur on the weekend. Here are a few of the common reasons our patients need to be seen on Saturdays.

Convenience – When your work hours are the same hours the dentist is open, it’s hard to make a suitable appointment.

Dental Emergencies – Emergencies are unexpected. They don’t only occur during normal business hours. A dental emergency can be painful, and most emergency rooms aren’t equipped to handle them.

Continued Dental Treatment – If you have a dental condition that requires multiple appointments, scheduling on Saturday can ensure you don’t miss too much work or school.

Special Occasions – Options to repair your smile are available on Saturday if you’ve waited until the last minute to prepare for that high school reunion or family wedding.

Testing – Even though teachers and school administrators understand the importance of dental health, there are some periods during the school year your child can’t afford to miss.

Orthodontics – While issues with braces often don’t require emergency treatment, a problem can become uncomfortable if you have to wait for treatment.

Vacation months – During the months that most workers take vacations, finding time off can be difficult with a staff shortage. Scheduling regular dental care for Saturdays can help you avoid a struggle to coordinate time off with coworkers.

Extra Recovery Time – Dental care can be uncomfortable. Scheduling your appointment on the weekend can give you a little extra time to get back to normal before facing a hectic work/school week.

Quality Amenities

Our Saturday appointments are there for more than convenience. Saturday hours offer the same accommodations you’ve come to expect during the week. Our full dental staff is present on Saturdays to ensure you get the comfort and quality of care you deserve. Whether you are in the office for an emergency or a routine appointment, you can expect full service with a smile. Our Saturday dental appointments include:

  • A welcoming office staff who greet you, answer your questions and make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • Our full dental team to make sure you get the same compassionate, professional, comforting care you receive during the week.
  • Availability of all regular services.
  • Clean modern spaces for you and your family, whether you remain in the waiting room or visit treatment areas.
  • A full description of your treatment options, financial alternatives, and expected insurance coverage.
  • The advanced technology and equipment to give you the best dental care available.
  • Our experienced dental staff to handle all of your complex dental needs.

Our Saturday appointments offer the same expert service that you experience during the week. Your needs don’t change on the weekends and neither does our quality of service. Our qualified team strives to provide you with excellent comfort and standard of care no matter when you seek treatment.

Available Dental Services

All regular dental services are available on Saturday. Whether you need a routine orthodontic visit or extensive dental surgery, a qualified dental specialist is in the office to meet your needs. Our extensive list of services available on Saturday includes:

Dental ImplantsDental implants can restore your smile by replacing multiple missing teeth. These replacements look and function exactly like your natural teeth.

Root CanalA root canal is performed to repair an infected tooth. Infections deep in the tooth can be painful and even dangerous since infection can spread through your bloodstream.

Braces – No matter what type of braces you or your child wears, unexpected problems can occur. Additionally, adjustments to your braces can cause sensitivity and pain. Whether you need to schedule a routine appointment or take care of an unexpected emergency, a Saturday appointment can help you prepare for the week ahead.

Invisalign – Our orthodontists provide Invisalign as well as traditional braces. If you’ve been considering Invisalign for yourself or your child, schedule your consultation this Saturday.

Dental Extraction – When your tooth is severely decayed or broken, the only choice is often tooth removal. Decayed and broken teeth can become very painful as soon as nerves are exposed. It’s best to take care of extraction as soon as possible.

Gum Surgery – When plaque and bacteria build up in pockets in the gumline, it must be removed to avoid decay. Other gum surgeries are used to remove scar tissue or restore the gumline. Whether you need a consultation, an appointment for surgery, or a follow-up, our dental specialists are prepared to meet your needs.

Dental Trauma – Accidents happen. If we had the ability to predict them, they wouldn’t be accidents. Unfortunately, they always seem to crop up on the weekends when most dentists are closed. Sports-related oral injuries are especially common on the weekends. These important repairs should be treated by a dental specialist.

We look forward to meeting all of your dental needs no matter how big or how small. Our specialized team understands the need for quality comforting service for you and your family outside of normal business hours. Call Omega Dental to learn how you can receive top-notch caring dental care outside the normal Monday – Friday schedule. Fill out our website form for a convenient way to schedule an appointment or a consultation.