Making Trips to the Dentist More Fun for Kids


More pleasant pediatric dentistry in Portland

You generally don’t find many feel-good stories written about an author’s favorite visit to the dentist as a child. For decades or more, dentists’ offices have had a reputation as an unfriendly and scary place. Pediatric dentistry, in Portland and elsewhere, is much more advanced than it was when you were a child. Many of the reasons that young people had for being afraid of the dentist are no longer valid.
Pediatric Dentistry in Portland OR
Despite its reputation, dental care is still very important. Setting the foundation of proper oral hygiene can save children from cavities and even worse problems farther down the line. Kids have nothing to fear from an oral health visit. Keep reading to find some useful tips for making it easier to get your little one into the dentist’s chair.

Take away the mystique of dentistry

When your child asks you why they can’t eat an entire bag of candy, have you ever found yourself saying something to the effect of “Because then you’d have to get all your cavities filled by the dentist”? Framing oral hygiene matters in a negative context can have a subtle but powerful effect on a kid’s perceptions. If you take care to talk about an office visit in terms similar to “It looks like you’ve got an ouchie on your teeth, but fortunately the dentist can fix you right up”, you can do a lot to make the dentist seem more like a positive figure.

Make the screen work for you

A common complaint from parents is how much screen time children get. Use a little one’s natural curiosity and interest in videos to your advantage. You can find many videos on YouTube and other sites that portray pediatric dentistry in a positive light. Look for titles that show some of what happens at an examination or other procedure. When a child knows what to expect their fears can melt away.
Pediatric dentistry

Good health starts with good food

Proper nutrition goes a long way. Cutting down on sugary drinks and foods reduces the incidents of cavities and other complications. This cuts down on dental procedures other than regular examinations and cleanings. Make sure to encourage and enforce morning and nighttime brushing, which you can supplement with flossing and mouthwash. Try to make these routines cheery, perhaps singing songs or playing games. Specialty children’s toothbrushes feature popular movie and TV characters, plus flashing lights and sound effects so kids enjoy taking care of their teeth and gums.

Use the power of imagination

Children are naturally creative creatures. Their vivid imaginations can be the source of some of their fears of the dentist’s office. Through the power of make believe you teach your kid to overcome their anxiety. Engage in regular make-believe dental sessions with your child. You can take turns, each pretending to be the dentist and the patient. As your kid spends more time playing they naturally begin to become familiar with the process of a dental visit, and what was once scary is now commonplace.

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