Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt? Not With Affordable Dental Implants!


If you have one or more missing teeth and you’ve been researching options to replace them, you may have been turned off by the upfront cost of dental implants. While the initial investment may be higher, there are many reasons why implants are the most cost-effective solution over time. The cost of implants is different for every patient, and a single implant can range anywhere from $1500-$7500. Before you decide, we encourage you to discuss your specific dental implant cost with Dr. Doshi.

Why Implants Are Worth It

Many people opt for dentures because they are the less expensive treatment, but the reality is that implants are the more effective, comfortable solution with durability and longevity. When implants are placed correctly by a dental professional and regularly flossed, brushed and examined, they can last a lifetime. Dentures may need to be replaced regularly and require expensive creams and adhesives to keep them in place. Implants are rooted in the gums and don’t move at all once they are secure.

What Affects the Cost?

Every manufacturer is different, and it depends widely on the one your dentist chooses to use. Other factors that may involve the cost of the implant are:

• The location, amount and quality of bone: you may need a bone graft if there isn’t adequate bone to hold the implant in place
• The number of teeth that require replacement: implants can replace one tooth or an entire mouth
• The type of artificial teeth: fixed bridges, complete dentures, snap on bridges, screw retained crowns or individual cemented crowns are just a few options
• The type of implants: standard implants and mini implants are two options
• The number of implants: how may screws are needed to repair your teeth?

These are all factors that Dr. Doshi will consider when determining the cost of your implants. If you are interested in learning more about implants and what the cost would be, call National Dental today.

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