Routine Dental Checkup in Southfield, MI

Why Your Checkup Is Good For More Than Just Your Teeth! When you visit our office for that routine checkup, our team does a lot more than just probe for cavities. In addition to caring for your teeth, we’re giving you the next best thing to a complete physical examination. If it’s been a while…



Should I Get Bridges or Implants?

There are many decisions you’ll need to make regarding your long-term oral health, and one of the first is what type of procedure you need done. If you’re missing a tooth, a bridge or an implant are two of your … Continue reading →

Your Moreno Valley Dentist Discusses: Things To Address ASAP

Of course, you should address just about any oral health or smile concern that comes your way as soon as possible. However, today, our Moreno Valley, CA team really wants to bring to the forefront those issues that you really need to address but that you are likely to sweep under the rug (if you...…

From a Cosmetic Dentist in McLean: 9 Amazing Benefits of a Great Smile!

No matter where you go, a smile conveys warmth, humor and compassion. It really is a kind of universal language! In addition to the confidence that goes hand-in-hand with a smile, researchers at The University of Missouri-Kansas City recently found that smiling has nine other benefits as well. It can really impact how you interact…

Why You Never Want an Alcohol-based Mouthwash

Using mouthwash everyday not only improves your oral health because it prevents bad breath, but also because it prevents bacterial build up which causes cavities and the possibilities of having tooth decay in the long run. It is also important to understand the consequences of using an alcohol based versus an alcohol-free mouthwash to help…

Can New Teeth Now be better than your Natural Teeth?

There is nothing better than healthy natural teeth. But for people who are missing teeth, suffer from periodontal disease, or have poorly fitting dentures, New Teeth Now is the next best thing to natural teeth. The greatest advantage of Ne…The post Can New Teeth Now be better than your Natural Teeth? appeared first on New…

Braces Tamarac | How to Have A Healthy Relationship with Your Braces

The amount of time you are required to wear braces Tamarac depends largely on the condition of your teeth and your compliance. However, on average, patients are expected to wear braces for 18 months up to 3 years to ensure that each tooth is settled into its desired position. Generally, we are talking about months…

IMTS 2018 is Only Hours From Closing

IMTS is almost Finished …..   As is customary on the last day of the show I spend the time organizing the last details of the show move out, Bill Of ladings, and also getting the leads into our guys hands so they can start reaching out to all the people that visited us this…

Could Heart Disease Be Tied to Childhood Oral Infections?

Children are prone to many oral problems in early childhood, and that may not be getting enough attention from parents and health leaders. Many parents may assume that early oral problems are less serious because the baby teeth that are affected will eventually be replaced with adult teeth. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Problems that…

May Is Save Your Tooth Month and Professional Endodontics is happy to participate and...

Save Your Tooth Month is dedicated to helping the public understand the role endodontics play in dental health and how endodontists help save teeth. This is a very special month and the team at Professional Endodontics is privileged to work with the American Association of Endodontists to raise awareness of endodontics—a specific and important part…

Teeth Whitening Done Safely

Summer is a fun and busy time of year with attending graduations, weddings, and family vacations. We all want to look our best, and having a brighter smile can help with that. The best natural ways to keep your teeth white are everyday healthy habits, including: -Brush twice daily for two minutes -Floss once daily…

Athletes Have Amazing Bodies but Terrible Teeth

Professional athletes should be the picture of health, right? While their muscles may be on point, and we obsess over their performances on the field, we’d feel differently if we knew more about the state of their mouths. Athletes tend to possess oral health that’s definitely not gold medal-worthy –... The post Athletes Have Amazing…

Enjoy Valentine’s Day and Maintain a Healthy Mouth

You’re probably not thinking about your dentist on Valentine’s Day, but with all the candy, kissing, and primping that takes place on this holiday, you probably should. True, it’s not very romantic to think about your hygienist when you’re on a date, and children really don’t want to hear about cavities when they open up…

Secrets To Smile Makeover Success [BLOG]

Summertime in this part of Oklahoma can be loaded with fun things to do, from hiking with the family through Haikey Creek Park to toasting a tasty beverage with friends at the old Icehouse that is now home to Broken Arrow Brewing Company. Whatever you get into, odds are good that you’ll be sharing your…

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Could Your Oral Health Be Affecting Your Children?

We know that parenting is an exhausting and full time job! Here at Epic Dentistry for Kids, we are all about helping our patients and their families maintain great oral health and oral hygiene habits during their busy lives. Did you know that as a parent, your oral health can actually affect your child’s oral…



Ways to Customize Your Dentures

How Do I Customize My Dentures?   Prosthodontics is a dental specialty that focuses on both science and art. It requires both medical expertise as […] The post Ways to Customize Your Dentures appeared first on Madison Prosthodontist.

Are Seasonal Allergies Ruining Your Oral Health?

With the beauty of spring comes the darker side of warmer weather: seasonal allergies. If you are an allergy sufferer, you are already on high alert ... Read moreAre Seasonal Allergies Ruining Your Oral Health? The post Are Seasonal Allergies Ruining Your Oral Health? appeared first on moorestown smiles.

Experienced Orthodontist In Novi MI

Looking for an orthodontist in Novi MI? At Crescent Orthodontics, we offer full service orthodontist care for patients who live in or work near Novi MI. Since 2002, Dr. Ashley Reynolds has been in the field of orthodontics. She is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, as well as the Michigan Association of Orthodontists, to…

4 Facts about CEREC Same-Day Crowns that Can Save Your Tooth

Most damaged teeth don’t need to be extracted. A same-day CEREC crown from the Atlanta Center of Cosmetic Dentistry can save your tooth in a single visit. What should you know about CEREC crowns? 1. CEREC Crowns Use CAD/CAM Technology CEREC technology CEREC same-day crowns use computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology. A model of your…